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Genuine Kuka Tasbih Small 33-ct Antique Color 10-mm Bead Handcrafted Turkish Seed Muslim Prayer Beads Sibha Misbaha Dhikr Tasbeeh Gift Boxed

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SKU: TSK-3N101 UPC: ​ 730639237712

Genuine kuka Muslim prayer beads (aka tasbih, sibha, misbaha, subha, dhikr beads) with antiqued dark brown finish. This tasbih is handcrafted from authentic kuka seed. The koka or kuka seed is extremely strong, durable and waterproof. It is crafted in Turkey and Egypt from the seed of a special palm tree called Piassava Fiber Palm Tree (Latin name: attalea funifera). This tree is mostly found in Eastern Brazil and some African countries. These Turkish-style prayer beads are smooth to the touch and enjoyable to use. Kuka is known for its durability and will last generations. The hard and dense beads will NOT crack over time. They are carefully cut from the large seed which is about the size of a small pear. The crafters cut the seed into small squares, choosing the best parts to use for beads, before they are lathed in to beads. Kuka is said to be from the same tree that Prophet Musa (AS) used to make his staff and that Nabi Nuh (AS) used to make the ark. Allah knows best.
This 10-mm round-bead tasbih has an approximately 12-inch (30-cm) inside circumference so it will NOT fit over your head. It has a 3-bead counter above the nicely sculpted alif/imam bead. The total length of the TASBIH when it is extended on a flat surface is approximately 12.2-inches (31-cm). Each 11-bead section is divided with small 4-5mm saucer-shape beads. No lacquers, oils or chemicals are used on the beads, they are dyed brown with an odorless coloring, then manually buffed and polished to a natural shine. It is strong on durable nylon string which we guarantee to be virtually unbreakable under normal use. TheTasbih brand kuka prayer beads also make unique gifts for your loved ones during the festive times of Eid. Tasbihs also make nice birthday or wedding presents.
NOTE: this is a handcrafted item made from natural palm seeds. Each tasbih will be slightly different and may have imperfections in the shapes of the beads and/or color variances. The alif/imam bead may differ in shape from the photos shown.

  • Genuine handcrafted 10mm KUKA Muslim tasbih with 33 beads
  • Special Turkish design with 3-bead counter at ends of alif/imam
  • LIMITED EDITION! Dense hard natural palm seed prayer beads
  • Comes in a GIFT box for US & Canada customers ONLY
  • Gift idea for Eid! Strung on unbreakable durable nylon string


Wood TypeKokka
String ColorBrown