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EMPTY PERFUME BOTTLE Small Yemeni Dagger Jambiyya Design Brass Color Attar Oud Musk Glass 5ml Vial Bejeweled Blue Accents Dipper Applicator

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SKU: PFM-YDGBS UPC: ​ 730639245335

Small EMPTY perfume bottle for your favorite perfumes. Equipped with a glass dipper for applying your perfume, these bottles can be used for all types of attar, also called atar or itar perfume. Commonly used for unique Arabian and Muslim scents such as oud, sandalwood, myrrh, frankincense, amber and musk. This style perfume bottle will also work perfectly with your favorite essential oils or aromatherapy mixtures. The transparent glass vial is enclosed in a flask-type embossed metal alloy encasing in the shape of the Yemeni jambiya worn mostly by men. The encasing is finished with an antiqued brass color. The tops and caps are decorated with gem-like plastic faceted cabochon for a unique look. These perfume bottles hold 5-ml of perfume and have well-threaded caps that are leak-free as they seal closed. The glass dipper that is used to dip the perfume out and rub on your skin is about 3-4mm thick. The bottle height is approximate 3.4-inches (8.5cm) and its width is 1.7-inches (4.2cm). When empty this perfume bottle weighs 52 grams (1.8oz.)
These EMPTY attar bottles make great gifts for your Yemeni friends or just any Muslim man. They make great gifts for the festive times of Muslim Eid celebrations or just as a present for your loved ones. Care instructions: Can be wiped with a damp rag or paper towel, then must be dried and stored with the top up.
Dimensions: Length: 3.4-inches (8.5cm), Width: 1.7-inches (4.2cm), Glass applicator Length: 1.3 inch (3.3cm), Glass applicator thickness: 4mm, Empty Weight: 52 gram (1.8 oz), Volume 5-ml

  • Small empty Yemeni style dagger attar bottle
  • Glass vial encased in brass color metal alloy
  • Embossed antique design with bejeweled accents
  • Features 4mm thick glass application dipper
  • Holds 5-ml of your favorite oils without leaking


MaterialMetal Alloy
Size3.4-inches (8.5cm) and its width is 1.7-inches (4.2cm)
Fill Size5ml