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Genuine Kuka Tasbih Small 99-ct Natural Color 6-mm Handcrafted Turkish Seed Muslim Prayer Beads Sibha Misbaha for Dhikr Gift Boxed

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Muslim prayer beads (aka tasbih, sibha, misbaha, subha, dhikr beads) hand made from genuine kuka seed. The koka or kuka seed is extremely strong and durable. It is crafted in Turkey from the fruit of a palm tree called Piassava Fiber Palm Tree (Latin name: attalea funifera) grown in Eastern Brazil. These Turkish-style prayer beads are smooth to the touch and enjoyable to use. Kuka is known for its durability. The hard and dense seed beads will not crack and will last a lifetime. This 6mm round-bead tasbih has an approximately 26-inch inside diameter so it will fit over your head to wear as a necklace. It has 3-bead counter above the nicely sculpted alif/imam bead. Note: As this is a natural seed Muslim prayer bead product, color variations in the beads and slight imperfections may be noticed.

  • Genuine kuka Muslim tasbih with 99 beads in Gift Box
  • Unique prayer beads imported from Turkey
  • Special Turkish design w/ 3-bead counter at ends
  • Comes in a GIFT box for US & Canada customers
  • Authentic handcrafted kuka Tasbih from Turkey


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Wood TypeKokka
String ColorBrown