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Black Skull Cap – 100% Nylon Head Cover Kufi Hat with Knitting Vertical Lines Topi Takke Taqiya Kopia for Namaz Salah & Bald Heads XSM to 4X

$12.99 $9.29

SKU: KFN-PVBK1 UPC: ​ 730639239099

Soft black stretchy 100% nylon Muslim kufi head cap for prayer or every-day-use. These lightweight and comfortable skull caps are a useful and convenient addition to your MUSLIM clothing collection. This kufi cap has interwoven vertical and horizontal line design. High quality nylon that stretches to fit comfortably to the circumference of your skull. This kufi cap goes will with a thobe, kurta or even a dress shirt and tie. To wear as a beanie over the top of your ears, we suggest you choose 2-3 sizes larger than your normal head sizes. The sizes we offer are according to your head circumference so please measure your head first. These nylon caps, from TheKufi, are knitted using a digitally programmed machine. After the knitting is done, they are constructed and sewn together by hand to ensure accurate sizing and comfort. The thickness on the side of this Muslim kufi cap is about 2-3mm because of the overlapping and weaving of the threads, then the top of the kufi comes to a thinner single weave at the very top in the center. This allows for air circulation and venting at the top of the head. These kufi caps are made to fit snug to the skull so may not be suitable for people with long, bushy or curly hair. They work perfectly for bald heads or low-cut hair styles. At TheKufi we do our best to provide accurate sizing and quality kufi products.
Care: Hand-wash/hang dry or dry-cleaning recommended

  • 100% machine-knit nylon kufi head cap for bald heads
  • Snug fit interwoven vertical & horizontal line design kufi
  • Perfect for Salah, formal occasions or everyday usage
  • Choose your size between XS and 4X when available
  • Can be worn on bald heads and with low-cut hairstyles


ModelSkull Caps Kufi
Care RecommendationsHand-wash or Dry-Cleaning