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Natural Genuine Kuka Seed Beads 8mm 108ct Strand for Crafting Beading & Making Prayer Beads

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SKU: TSK-8N108 UPC: ​ 730639306357

Natural genuine kuka beads. Unique and exotic kuka seed beads for crafting prayer beads or necklaces. These high-quality waterproof koka (aka kuka or kukka) seed beads are extremely strong and durable. They come from the Eastern Brazilian piassava fiber palm tree (Latin name: attalea funifera). The kuka seed is cut into pieces and the beads crafted 1 by one from the densest part of the seed. Our strands have 108 beads which are 8mm round in size with a 1-mm hole drilled in them. These kuka beads are perfect for making ISLAMIC prayer beads (aka sibha, misbaha, subha tasbih) or prayer bead bracelets. They can also be used for making Malas since they consist of 108 beads. Furthermore, natural style ethnic and tribal jewelry makers love to use this material for crafting earrings, bracelets and necklaces.

  • 100% Natural Kuka Beads from Brazilian attalea funifera tree
  • Dense seed beads for crafting jewelry and prayer beads
  • Handmade Beads for beading with 1mm hole for stringing
  • Perfect for making malas, rosaries or tasbihs, dhikr beads
  • Made with 8-mm beads, perfect for making necklaces


Wood TypeKokka
String ColorWhite