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TheKufi is a trusted name in affordable handcrocheted caps. This brand is known for their low-priced handcrocheted and knitted cotton caps that last for many years. Our selection here on includes a wide range of colors and sizes to choose from. They are crafted by gathering together multiple strands of yarn first, to make 2-3mm thick yarn, then carefully crocheting a domed pattern one circuit at a time. Making a handcrocheted kufi is not easy. Crafters must be experienced in getting the perfect tension in order to produce accurate sizes. At TheKufi we quality check each cap to ensure accurate sizing and durability.

We’re confident that you will find the perfect handcrocheted kufi cap to suit your style and preference. Whether you like plain solid colors or bright zigzag patterns, the comfortable fit of these handcorcheted caps from TheKufi will amaze you. You may choose a size that fits snug on your skull or a larger size that will come down over your ears like a beanie. Being able to choose from tightly crocheted and loose open-knit handcrocheted designs is a plus These caps work well for cool or warm weather. They also make the perfect prayer caps. You can fold them and put them in your pocket or wear them under your thicker winter caps. Traveling with these handcrocheted caps is also easy because you can just fold them and put them in your pocket or suitcase.

These handcrocheted caps are crafted by Muslim women in the small villages of Cianjur, Indonesia. Each cap is made with care, one-by-one, ensuring a level of quality and attention to detail. The handcrocheted kufi caps they craft cannot be matched by mass-produced machine-made alternatives. The thickness of these soft cotton-feel caps is about 2-3 millimeters. Our handcrocheted kufi caps conform to the shape of your head, while giving a snug fit that allows for air ventilation. The average weight of these kufi caps is 3-4 ounces.

Muslim women in the small village of Cianjur, Indonesia hand-crocheting for TheKufi

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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Yes, you can wash your handcrocheted cap by hand or in a machine using the gentle cycle.
Yes, handcrocheted caps can be worn every day. They are comfortable and soft. They will not irritate your skin or scratch your head.
Handcrocheted caps pretty much keep their shape. Because of the cotton content, they may shrink a little with washing but can be easily stretched out again with your hands.
If you purchase a handcrocheted kufi cap that is a bit small for your head, you can stretch it somewhat, about .25 to .5 inches. Do this by putting both fists inside the kufi and pulling your fists outward.
No, the handcrocheted kufi capsfrom TheKufi are crafted with color-fixed yarn. They will not blead onto your other clothing, nor will the colors run.