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Browse our selection of low-priced Muslim-style winter beanie hats, perfect for keeping you warm during the cold months. Choose from our unique zigzag designs, double layer plain colors, or single layer faux wool designs. Some designs are made to be able to pull down over your ears for extreme cold weather, while others are just for cool weather. The zigzag kufi or beanie hat design is popular in many parts of the Muslim world. Whichever beanie hat you choose, you can rest assured that we take the time and effort to ensure the sizes and fit of our beanie hats are accurate.

Do you get frustrated with the average beanie hats on the today’s market? If you have a hard time finding beanie hats that reflect your Muslim identity, look no further than We do our best to provide quality Muslim beanie hats that are fashionable, dignified, and low-priced. Our selection is constantly growing as we procure and manufacture hats from different parts of the world, with our offices in Turkey and Indonesia, we are able to source quality low-priced products directly from Muslim producers and crafters. Shop with us today and find the perfect winter hat for you!

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Beanie hats are just hats that cover your head with a small pom-pom or ball on the top. They are most likely called "beanies" because in the early 1900s they would make the pom-pom by filling a piece of fabric with beans.
In most cases, unless otherwise noted, most beanies are made from acrylic yarn or other synthetic or faux wool materials.
Our beanie hats range from $9.49 to $19.99 and usually include FREE standard shipping within the U.S.
No, our Beanie Hats are for people of all walks of life. We just happen to focus on styles and models that are commonly worn in Muslim countries. They can be worn by anyone.
We recommend handwashing your Beanie Hat using a mild hand soap or detergent. Soak it for a few hours, rinse it thoroughly and hang it up to dry some place warm.